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'Like father like daughter'.

"My first 'BLACKBURN' frying range was purchased from John Byrom owner of 'BLACKBURN' frying ranges in 1998. After many years of trouble free frying it was time to update my frying equipment and this time I turned to Gill Byrom, (John's daughter), to design, manufacture and supply my new range.

"I am pleased to say that this new 'BLACKBURN' range has all the qualities of my old one, i.e. quality materials, easy to use and efficient but, of course, in a well modernised design.

"In particular the care and attention to detail which Gill has given truly reflects her father's principles."

Paulo, Proprietor, Ladygrove Fish Bar, Didcot.

"I cannot recommend Gill and Charlie from Blackburn ranges enough; their personalities, attention to detail and engineering abilities has surpassed my expectations.

"The range is bullet proof, and has already proved up to the challenge of heavy use.

"The one thing which I would say Blackburn did better than some of their competitors (and which confirmed my buying decision) was to really listen to my requirements, and put forward time served suggestions on how those requirements could be met.

"The Blackburn range has given me the confidence to deal with whatever challenges we will meet in the future.

"Many thanks Blackburn!"

Jon Chadd at Milton Fish & Chips, Near Tenby

"I recently purchased my first 'BLACKBURN' fish frying range and can truly say it has far exceeded my expectations. It is so easy to work with and looks good too. The service, care and attention I have received from 'Blackburns' is second to none"

Charlie, Proprietor of Charlie's Fish and Chip Shop, Truro

"I have just had a Blackburn Range fitted by Gill & Co. And it is the best thing I have ever done. The service and fitting was second to none and they built it to every specification I wanted.

"I changed from a 2 pan Preston & Thomas to a 3 pan Blackburn and the quality and efficiency of the Blackburn out-performs the Preston & Thomas on every level.

"One very happy fryer!"

Tracey & Julie at Chip & Fin, Abersychan

"We have found J.J. Blackburn to be of good friendly service in all of the 27 years we have been in the business."

Mr C Gagliardi, C&R Malpas Fish Bar, 22 Malpas Road, Newport, Gwent.

"I have been very pleased with the performance of my 'Blackburn' fish frying range over the last 15 years. It is fast. reliable and easy to use. The people at J.J. Blackburn and Co have always given good service. I have no hesitation is going to 'Blackburns' when purchasing the new range for my other shop."

Mr T Papapostolou, Mediterranean Fish Bar, 270 Abingdon Road, Oxford.

"I have been a customer of J.J. Blackburn and Co for 10 years. The range is excellent. Although I have had very few problems, whenever I have telephoned for advise there is always a cheerful person with expert knowledge available to help. If an engineer has been needed I have has immediate service. Personally, I would never contemplate going to another company."

Brian Parker of "The Captain's Table", Port Eynon, Gower.

"Second time around is even better!

"When I purchased my first Blackburn fish frying range over 20 years ago I thought then that it was the best range on the market, but this new generation of Blackburn ranges is even better. Because I can compare like with like I have found that my gas consumption has been reduced by over 30% which is fantastic as "old faithful" was noticeably fuel efficient.

"This new Blackburn range has all of the standard safety features and because it is so simple to work I have found that any one of my staff can happily use the range."

Brian Parker of "The Captain's Table", Port Eynon, Gower.

"I have been in business for 19 years and Blackburn's is the best range ever. Since using the Blackburn range both my gas and electric bills are much lower. It is very easy to use and clean and there is fantastic after sales service. Blackburn's are always at hand."

Mrs Linda Webb, Llangranog Fish & Chip Shop, Carmarthen.

"My family have had fish and chip shops for 60 years and are experienced fish friers. We would highly recommend a 'BLACKBURN' frying range as they are very fast, efficient and economical. The after sales service is also excellent. Well done Blackburns!"

Raymo Basini, Louis' Fish Bar, Ebbw Vale

"I worked closely with 'BLACKBURNS' during the initial planning and design of the shop. Following their recommendations with regard to the best type of range for my needs, I am pleased to say that 'BLACKBURNS' were true to their word as the range has met the performance levels required and is of outstanding appearance, all as promised and I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome.!"

Mr. Dinas, Fairford Fish Bar, Fairford, Gloucestershire

Ladygrove Fish Bar, Didcot
Milton Fish & Chips, Near Tenby
Charlie's Fish and Chip Shop, Truro
Scam's Chip & Fin, 131 High Street, Abersychan, Torfaen
Charlie's Fish and Chip Shop, Truro
Raymo Basini of Louis' Fish Bar in Ebbw Vale
Louis' Fish Bar in Ebbw Vale
Fairford Fish Bar, Fairford, Gloucestershire

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