Frying Range Features

This page highlights some of the many features built into our fish frying ranges:


610 x 610 x 254mm deep with 6mm plate base, manufactured from prime mild steel with welded anti-splash rim all round. The gas-fired pans also have a specially designed ducting system which enables the hot waste gases to be circulated evenly around the pan bases before being ducted out, hence saving on fuel costs.


Fin-bladed burner using only 19.8kw per pan per hour. It takes just 7 minutes to cook a pan load of chips with immediate recovery time.


High specification lagging increases pan efficiency and ensures all working surfaces are cool to the touch.

Pan Controls

Fully automatic. Ignition is simply by the turn of a switch. Set the thermostat to your preferred cooking temperature and this will be automatically maintained. A digital display allows the operator to see at a glance the current oil temperature


All ranges have an interlocking safety system comprising of flame failure device, secondary hi-limit safety thermostat, safety shut off mechanism and air proving system fitted as standard.

Display Cabinets

Fitted with high efficiency infrared elements. The cabinets are easily removed and dismantled for cleaning and maintenance.

Chip Boxes

Heated by high efficiency infrared elements top and bottom thus maintaining an ambient temperature.


User Friendly Controls:

  1. Ignition - Simply turn the switch
  2. Set thermostat to preferred cooking temperature
  3. Carry on frying!

The electronic controls to fish and chip boxes allow infinitely variable heat control from zero to maximum. All controls are mounted on a panel at hand level. Heat and lights independently controlled.


All counter tops are manufactured from 1.5mm stainless steel sheet with heavy duty alloy under shelf for storage of paper, etc.

Top Work

Mirror polished 0.9mm stainless steel sloping top with flip lids making easy cleaning.


To customers specification, illuminated if required.


Pan Controls
Display Cabinets
Front of Range

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